Thursday, 10 December 2009

My brain has been eaten by zombies - oh, and I have some pretty things to show you

Argh, I haz been attacked by zombies whilst on the bus. I couldn't escape- they cornered me behind a side aisle seat and ate my brainsssssssssssssssss.....
Luckily zombiehood is both infectious and practically unnoticeable in these modern times of heroin chic. It's nothing a little a Maybelline flawless foundation won't cover up anyway and as long as I remember to wear a hat no one will ever know.
Unfortunately however, along with mah brains the zombies also stole everything in my pockets which included no less than 56pence, a quarter of a packet of fruit gums and my list of really important things to talk about on my blog. And as they also ate my brains I am not unable to recollect what was on that list with any accuracy.

So after my long absence I am now going to be hastily back filling in a random and haphazard way. I went through my photographs on my computer to see what I had been up to over the last couple of months. After getting over the shock of how much time has past and how little of that time I can recollect I decided that the first thing that I should share is news of a recent(ish) swap that I have been in. I should have done this ages ago really- my buddy deserves the public accolade as I got a butt-ton (my current favourite saying by the way) of awesome goodies. I was utterly spoilt. I seem to have done really well with all of my swap buddies. I'm not sure what I have done to deserve it I have to admit.
Anyway, picture of box contents:

Can you see how much stuff is in there? This all came from America as well which is pretty amazing- the box was absolutely stuffed to the limit. There's two lots of lace weight yarn in there (black and raspberry in colour), two skeins of Cascade 220 (one grey, one variegated grey/blue), a skein of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock (I have been dying to try this), a skein of DK weight silk blend yarn (dark raspberry), some smaller skeins are round the edges including the one that I made the tiny whale from, two books , circular needles, crochet hooks, chocolates, fabric pieces, stitch markers (wow this parcel had everything!) and finally, the result of the ultimate bit of internet stalkage- all the quarters that I needed to finish off my collection!!! (you may remember this from an earlier post- I going to come back to this on a separate occasion).

All this was for the Detritus swap that the AMKG (Ankh-Morpork Knitters Guild) group ran on Ravelry so theoretically this stuff was all detritus that the owner no longer wanted! My mental image of what their stash must look like has me dribbling.
I have already gotten stuck in and used some of this wondrous stash. I have been having a great time playing with the Cascade 220 which is swiftly becoming my next favourite thing. I was sent 2 skeins of this magical yarn and so far I have made a pair of 'Fetching' for a work colleague, a 'Who?' hat for me and a 'Turn a Square' hat for my husband AND I STILL HAVE YARN LEFT OVER!
More pictures:

Slightly out of focus fetchings. I was inspired to make some of these after a friend tried out the pattern and said lots of good things. They were a super quick knit in this yarn and make an excellent last minute gift for anyone. I particularly like the picot bind-off.

My Who? is my favourite knitted thing in the whole world right now. I love it to pieces and wear it everyday regardless of whether the weather calls for it or not. Whenever I am wearing it whilst walking down the street I am convinced that all the people I pass are staring at my hat and thinking 'where can I get me one of those awesome hats?'

Finally, I don't yet have a picture of my husbands finished hat but I do have a group shot of all the things I have made with the cascade and you can see the nearly finished article in there. It was my first experience with doing jogless stripes and whilst I didn't quite get the first one right all the rest worked beautifully. I also really like the way the decreases work for the crown on this hat. The husband was of course completely unconvinced by the whole thing right up until the minute he put it on his head. Now he wears it all the time ~eyeroll~

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Should have put a sign up

I've come down with a case of computer-itis. Hence my blog has been languishing in no mans land. It's not like I haven't had anything to write about, in fact, I have plenty of things that I could share. But the computer just ain't doing it for me right now. I have spent too much time on it at work me thinks.
The busy period is now over though and I can feel myself picking up again. So I hope to have a decent entry for you sometime in the very near future.
I hope.