Thursday, 9 July 2009

Shiny things

My mum has been suffering from the 'creative bug' recently and has made a ton of pretty things for me. She sent about 8 pairs of earrings and two necklaces to me in the post (yay, I love getting post)- all of which are wonderful. I know she doesn't read my blog. In fact I would be very surprised if she even knew I have a blog but I just wanted to thank her publicly anyway as it was very sweet of her to make all these things for me. Each set is just lovely and you can tell that mum knows her market as they are 'nature' or 'natural world' themed. I only have shots of the first few unfortunately and I'm not sure that I can remember all the others that she sent but as well as the earrings below I know that there was also some dragonflies, lizards and butterflies.

The other necklace has a big silver dragonfly charm on it and the chain part is made of purple ribbons. The one below however is probably my favourite piece out of everything- it's made of purple beads and fish vertebrae. Yeah, bone necklace :D

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