Friday, 29 January 2010

Pratghan revisited

I know I haven't exactly been posting much recently- and what I have posted hasn't been of a knitting nature. In an effort to get back to the point I give you two of my latest Pratghan squares. I made a concerted effort over the Christmas period to get this project back on its feet and going again- I've been suffering from an incomplete project problem over the last few months that has left me with a pile of WIPs the size of Mount Etna. This would probably account for the lack of knitting posts as I hate posting about things when I'm only halfway through. This seems like a bit of silly thing now that I come to think about it and I shall try to rectify this in future as well.
But I digress. Here are the latest efforts on my Pratghan project. As it stands I am about 5 months behind schedule and I have done a few squares out of order which annoys me immensely but at least I am back on the horse so to speak. The two that I present here are my recent favourites and are representative of 'Reaper Man' and 'Small Gods'. The Small Gods square is currently the reigning favourite and is acting as a great catalyst as far as motivating me to get others done is concerned.

Taken when the snow hit England just after Christmas. It was such fun crunching round taking pictures of things and it made a great background for knitted items. The square above did not want to behave however. It really is square I promise. I'm quite proud of how the stitched skeleton (Death) came out- not so keen on his hat though which I might take off and redo. The square blob on the hill is the New Death and in the bottom left hand corner you can see the Death of Rats. I realise that he looks quite big but you have to imagine that there is some perspective in the piece and its actually because he is a lot closer to you...
The Small Gods square shows Om standing protectively over a lettuce leaf whilst small gods swirl around in the heat haze over the desert in the background. Om is made from several pieces of free-form knitting which are then stitched into place on the final square. The lettuce leaf was a particular delight to make. It came out a little larger than hoped but I kinda like that- it will be a nice feature on the finished afghan.

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