Monday, 8 June 2009

The post before the storm

Whoo-whee do I have a big post coming up for you chaps. Just before I type that one up though I thought I would share some more insect relatedness cuteness with y'all. Think of this as the starter in this weeks meal of blog posts.
First up for your delectation is a washcloth of dragonfly:

I was given this by a friend who had one of those 'saw this and thought of you' moments when she came across the pattern. I think she must have been paying special attention to all my recent wittering as well as not only did she knit me a insect but she did it in green which is my latest colour passion. I would have squeed but I was too touched to make noises so I have just been carrying it around with me instead as though it were some kind of mini comfort blanket. This is ever since Saturday, concerning which I think you should know that UK Ravelry Day was held in Coventry on Saturday hence the main meal of yarn and wonder coming up next. I did lots of yarn shopping with my best friend who travelled over from Cambridge to be with me for the day. It was soooooo much fun. I can't even begin to put it into words. I bought an impressively small amount of yarn considering what was on offer there; photographs of purchases coming up in the next post. Apart from these purchases:

I had to share these with you now as I am exceedingly pleased with them and thought they went well with the bug theme. I was so happy to find insect buttons. I had to fight to get to the stall (the button stall being extremely popular and thus crowded on the day) which is something that would normally put me off as I'm not very fond on being packed into a dense crowd but I just had to have them. Thanks go to my best friend for pointing them out to me. She is much better at dealing with the whole 'too many people' problem and eagle-eyed all the stalls for me so that I didn't have to fight every time. My only regret is that I could only afford to get four of each kind. Undoubtedly when it comes round to the time when I actually use them I'm going to need more of them- that's just the way fate works. But four of each was significantly better than none of each so I can't complain too much.
And talking of bugs- look who tried to 'help' me take pictures of things yesterday:

There's my bag of yarn in the background all ready for the photography session. There's my table out in the garden so I can use natural light for my photos and there's a big fluffy, black and white bug called Hoshi who leapt up onto the table and proceeded to paw her way up my front in an effort to reach my hands, which at this point, were clutching my camera for dear life. Hoshi then did her owl ears and the 'I am not amused' glare before flumping onto the table in the 'look at how cute I am' manoeuvre in order to get some strokes and attention. It worked too :D


  1. Oh, I love the buttons! I am developing a huge button problem, but I know that if I had seen the ant buttons, they would have come home with me too!

  2. Hee, I got the little bumble bee buttons too!

    Lucy (your TSG swap partner - it's a shame I didn't see you at Rav day - you might have seen me I was wearing a yellow sash and a blue sundress and was very cold!)