Wednesday, 5 September 2007

the BIG knit

It was so much fun last night. Our knitting group was hosting/helping out on a charity event where we had to knit lots of tiny bobble hats to go on top of innocent smoothie bottles. These will get sold in Sainsbury's and Age Concern gets 50p for each one sold. I was a bit nervous about turning up as I was worried that no one else would come along. We had tried advertising it a bit but its hard to get the message around to the right people but as it was the manager of the bar where we meet up had been contacting people left right and centre, organised free tea, coffee and biscuits and one of his friends turned up to play guitar for us. It was awesome. I even managed to persuade two of my male friends to turn up and have a go- I was expecting them to bobble make for the evening but they both tried knitting and they both completed their own hats. Totally awesome. I even have the photo to prove it (check out facebook for these. I'll put some photos of the hats on here once the camera lady has e-mailed me them).
We had a nice array of hats by the end of it as well. There must have been at least 50 which is a good start. I'm going to try and make a bunch more this week so that it ups the total a bit. Its completely distracting me from other knitting that I should really be doing instead but this only happens once a year and it is for charity after all!

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