Monday, 3 September 2007

Fenway, climber extraordinaire

This weekend I have mostly been sat on a bus, suffering from lack of sleep or drunk. Not bad I suppose though I do now have some rather strange bruises and a tendency to lean my head to the right. It was also the first weekend that we left the kittens on their own. I think they have forgiven us due to proffered gift of a catnip stuffed mouse but we're not really sure as they have been going scatty ever since. Fenway has been doing some awesome back-flips and pounces onto his sister- the higher he can get before starting these then the better. Hoshi has been taking the more long term view and has mostly just been looking for somewhere to have a bit of a snooze. The best new trick however is leg climbing. Fenway can now climb the entire length of my leg and get onto the work surface in the kitchen. He has established that this is where the good stuff is kept and seems to think its a land filed with biscuits and cat food with the occasional outcropping of porridge. We hate to disappoint him but he's going to find out one day I guess.

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