Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Boosh, boosh, stronger than a moose!

Thursday last the husband and I drove over to Bristol to see the Mighty Boosh live at the Hippodrome. It was a bit of a rush as we had to leave straight from work and drive flat out to get there in time. We almost managed it- just 5 mins late so missed the first few lines of banter between Howard and Vince (aka Julian and Noel). The show was really good- both of us enjoyed it immensely. It didn't really have so much of a plot as their first theatre tour (which we saw on DVD) but it did have some hysterical linkages throughout the show.Some of the best bits were where things went wrong though- Tony Harrison nearly fell through the chair that he was sat on, Howard lost his beard and Rich Fulcher came out with a classic (and very rude) line that reduced the cast to giggles.
For those of you that have not yet come across the comic genius that is the Mighty Boosh then I suggest that you jolly well get yourselves on the case and find out now. Its worth reading the wiki link but you really want start with the first episode, first series and sit down to do some serious watching. Just so that you know the Iceflow song is one of my favourite bits from the first series.
Friday was spent painting, cleaning the house and hosting friends for dinner (after a quick nip round to a Halloween party that one of my friends was throwing). I trucked out all my knitting for them to see whether they liked it or not- mainly my Pratghan square though as I knew one of them was a massive Terry Pratchett fan as well. We had a highly amusing game of Munchkin that I won!!! but only because the husband let me apparently. Munchkin is rapidly becoming one of my favourite games as it is possible to win after having lost nearly everything you have with regards to equipment and bonus points. I am still an amateur player and haven't quite figured out all the nuances of the cards yet (it doesn't help that I usually have a glass of wine nearby when playing) but I can see this becoming a well practiced game in our household.
Saturday we drove to Hereford to see some friends and on the way back stopped off in Hartpury to see the Bee Shelter. It was a last minute visit as we only found out about it via roadside signs. It was freezing cold day but it was well worth the short stroll from the car to see it. I spent the rest of the day enthusing over bees and making zubbbzubb noises.

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