Monday, 3 November 2008

An unplanned absence

Apologies people for my prolonged and unusual absence from this blog. I was a trifle unwell last week though it was not the snot demons that got me I hasten to add, but the migraine monster. I am prone to getting headaches as I have a bad back and neck so changes of bed (for instance) cause all my muscles to shift around and spasm. This then leads to severe headaches or migraines and I got caught out after a jaunt to Cambridge two weekends ago. The bed I was sleeping on was fine for the first night but on the second I was joined by my husband and I was forced to sleep on about 4 inches of mattress. I managed two nights before things went pear shaped- I woke up in agony Tuesday morning. This led to a couple of days of nonsense on my part before things got really busy and I was unable to be ill anymore due to having too much stuff to do (last week was half term in our county which meant that the husband was at home hence the hectic week). It does mean that I have a ton of stuff to tell y'all and pictures to prove it as well. Despite the awful headache I managed to do everything I had planned and enjoy it all. We've done lots of travelling to see friends, been to a gig and eaten enormous quantities of food. I also managed to get some knitting done in amongst everything else so have some updates there as well. In fact I have so much to say that I'm not sure where to start but you can be expecting a higher than normal number of posts over the next two days to make up for my enforced break. Hope you didn't miss me too much ;)

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