Monday, 3 November 2008

Miscellaneous items

Let me fill you in on a variety of other fun things that happened before I start on the really good stuff :)
Monday my brother came to visit me which was a bit of a shock but he obviously felt that it was time for his biannual visitation. We had a nice day out looking round the shops and touring the most horrible parts of the town centre (that was accidental- we needed somewhere to park the car and ended up at the edge of the hellmouth). What was most useful though was that it allowed an exchange of stuff. My mum sent things for me and I sent things for her. Unfortunately for my bro there wasn’t anything for him but I bought him a milkshake and took him to Krispy Kreme* for doughnuts, both things that you can’t do when living out in the sticks. Hopefully this made up for being a shuttle service for the women in our family.
I feel utterly compelled to tell you about one of the gifts that my mother sent me. In fact let me show you in picture format:

Ain't it cute? Apparently these where all the rage in the 70's. You just HAD to have a siamese cat climbing up the side of your brandy glass and a little mouse at the bottom. I can't imagine how anyone actually drank from them so they must have been an ornamental thing. Apparently the cats come indifferent sizes and colours which makes them more collectable. My mum showed me a picture of one a few months back and I must have squeed over it so much she decided to buy me one. This is now taking pride of place on my sideboard.
Despite being ill Tuesday (as I have previously mentioned at great length as I take headaches as a personal attack and not just a process of nature) I eventually struggled into work late in the day to find a surprise present from my upstream raveller (Travelling scarf group). Apparently she had been over visiting a family member and thought to drop off a little something for me where I work-

I was a) extremely surprised and b) chuffed to pieces with this gift. How sweet is that? (No pun intended). I’m not going to mention her by name here as it’s a policy of mine never to name anyone without permission and getting permission seems to be too much of a hassle for me BUT if you are reading this then THANK YOU! once again with extra glitter and gold stars for being wonderful. I’m still hugely pleased with it all especially as I love jam. Mmmmmm.

*BTW I feel that I should point out that Krispy Kreme has only just made it to the UK. I think that there are about 15 stores in the entire country and the nearest one to my brother is over 100 miles away hence his excitement at being able to actually visit a store with inhouse doughnut making technology :)

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