Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Pretty yarn

I have no other reason for posting these pictures other than the fact that I think that the yarn is pretty. I love looking at yarn whether it be in real life or pictures I'm that much of a yarn junky, and I assume that everyone else is too :d
This is my haul from the iknit weekend. A modest one I feel. The Peaches and Creme was the only thing bought on impulse. I just love how nice it is to knit with and this colour was pretty enough to catch my eye. I'm not sure what I want to make with it- probably some kind of washcloth or shopping bag. It matches the colours in my bathroom pretty well so instead of making things for other people (which would be what would normally happen with something like this) I might try and pick something out for me.
The two browns are Cascade 220. I want to make this pattern (Ravelry link). I want it to go with my new green dress that makes me look a bit like an elf. It seemed appropriate somehow. It will be the first time using this yarn- it's one I have heard a lot about what with it being quite popular in America so it will be nice to finally get to some first hand experience of it. The two photos don't really do the colours justice. They are much richer and a little more chestnutty.

My final purchase was of some Malabrigo. I got my first skein of this in a swap earlier in the year and it's just so nice that I had to have some more. This was the one thing that I had plans to purchase before I left. I got a sock weight yarn- mostly because I am addicted to socks. The colour was one that I have had my eye for a while. Totally enabled by my friends in America, horrible enablers that they are.


  1. Ooooh, the acorn bag is so so cute! It will look great in that yarn :)