Wednesday, 8 April 2009

I'm a lucky girl!

So things have been getting a little hectic again at work- its looks as though any reprieve I got from playing the 'I'm really sick' card has now worn off. Which means that I am horribly behind with my blog AGAIN and my knitting AGAIN and everything else that I want to be working on. I have made some progress with a few crafty things recently because I had to- they had deadlines attached and I didn't want to let anyone down. I'll post about that next but first I wanted to share something with you all that really really cheered me up this week. Just when I was having a glum and gloomy Eeyore day I got a surprise parcel in the post. It was full of marvelous goodies.
Check out this photo:

So starting in the top left: Wonderful scrummy tea that is now nearly all gone. The stuff right at the top was delicious. The buttons/pin badges have been added to my collection (the owl made it onto my jacket already). The blue Tagua nut button is perfect for a project that I have in mind. In fact its a bit scary just how well the colours match. The Sugar'n Cream is a real treat for me and made me go squeeeeee all evening as I plotted what to do with it. It's one of those mythic yarns that seem to be in plentiful supply in the states but you never ever see over here. It's going to go into a eco tote that I can pack into my handbag. I shall never ever need a plastic bag again. The mouse is one of a pair that where a gift for my kitties. Fenway has already mauled them both- he loves them so much. It's really cute to see him carrying them around in his mouth, especially the black one as it matches his fur so it's hard to know where cat ends and mouse begins. The CD is a few songs by the Beuna Vista Social Club (lovelovelove). The blue envelope is a handwritten note for me that makes me go all squooshy inside whenever I read it. Finally the pretty black yarn to the left of the photo is a skein of Koigu KPM yarn (another first for me along with the Sugar'n Cream). This I am just going to pet for a bit :D


  1. That is a great package! Those little buttons are so cute.

  2. This post got skipped in my Blog Reader, I wonder why?! I'm so glad that you liked the package and that it got there so quickly. You never know, of course, there ARE other mythical Amurrican yarns around here that might suddenly jump themselves into an envelope sometime ;)