Thursday, 16 April 2009

So I got distracted...

The Easter break has really put a mockers on all that I had planned to do. I diligently made a big long list of all the targets and little jobs that I felt would make my life a brighter and cheerier place and set myself the task of crossing off half of all the things on the list (it was a very big list) during the break.
Unfortunately (and you heard that one coming I'm sure), I got a little sidetracked. There are three things at fault for this. Firstly, I got sucked into playing a computer game. Not any computer game I'll have you know, but one of the most awesome games ever created. If you don't know it and you like RPG's then I would seriously suggest that you go out right away and buy yourself a copy of Okami. This game is right up there with Zelda (my all time favourite) for me. It is a beautifully executed piece of game play with just the right pitch, look and puzzle to keep anyone hooked. What makes it especially fun is the innovative use of the Wii-mote that you use as though it were a paintbrush.
So, yes, ahem. I might have been spending just a little bit of time playing that :D
Second on my list of distractions was the ball of Lily Sugar'n Cream that I was gifted recently. It pretty much jumped straight onto the needles as soon as it walked out of the bag. I then had to spend some time knitting up a tote bag (Ravelry link) which came out beautifully. There was a reasonable amount of i-cord involved however which I find both tedious and slow to knit although the thick yarn and larger sized needles helped to speed things up a bit. I haven't got any photos of the FO yet but expect to see it here shortly. I have a big pile of things that I need to take pictures of and I hope to tackle it tomorrow. It's the one thing that is a real pain at the moment but the DH told me the other day that he is going to be getting me a camera for my birthday! which is wonderful news as up until now I have been totally reliant on using the facilities at work. This hasn't been too much of a problem as I come in early and can do all the yarn-porn photos outside of work hours but it will be great to able to take some that are a bit more exciting and set in the 'real' world as it were. It also means that I will be able to take photos of things-other-than-yarn such as the kitties and the Great Vegetable Experiment II.
Third and certainly by no means least, IT'S BASEBALL SEASON! Yay! we are back into regular season baseball once more and it just so happened that a lot of the games were on at a good time for us to watch. Most of the regular season games start at 1am our time :( but we had at least four over the Easter break that started at about 9pm. Unfortunately the Sox didn't seem to want to win many of them for us but I did get to see both Varitek and Lowell homer and run around in tight pants and knee high socks. Yum.

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