Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Playing catch up

There are a number of things that I have to admit to being horribly behind on. Two things in particular need some attention right away and those are my traveling scarves. Both my TSG #27 scarf and my Red Sox scarf are home now. I have had them for about 2 weeks and haven't yet, I have to admit, finished them off. I think I was a scarfed out by the time they got back which is a real pity as both of them are beautiful.
So, in an effort to start the process of completion off, I'm going to put up all the photographs of the last pieces that I knitted for other peoples scarves. This then leaves me with just my own scarves to report on- hopefully being so close to finishing will prompt me to get them onto the needles and get them done. The theory is that a public shaming will prompt me into action!
First up then is the final section that I did for a Red Sox traveling scarf:

This section was an absolute pain- not the finished item that is as it was a relatively straight forward and quick knit to do in the end but getting the tension right! Oh! Painful, painful, painful. The owner of this scarf is a complete polar opposite to me as far as tension is concerned. Where mine is relatively tight and thus gives small, close stitches, theirs is much looser giving a light airy material. The challenge was to use the same stitch count and match the width of the scarf which required much, much swatching with different sized needles and different thicknesses of yarn. Nailed it in the end though!
TSG scarf #7- first an overview:

Check out the section 2 back from mine- I love how the variegated yarn has turned out for this section.
And then a close up of the section that I knitted for it (awful photo I do apologise):

I think I used this stitch on another section that I did for the Red Sox Traveling scarf that I have been working on. It uses those twisted stitches that I love so much (guess why I picked that then) but they do tend to pull in a little. It had lots of bounce though so I'm sure it will block out to the required width.
TSG scarf #6- first an overview:

It was really nice to see a colourful scarf going round- some of the blues in this are just beautiful.
And then a close up of the section that I knitted for it:

This is a simple float stitch motif. Again it has a lot of bounce so should block out. I enjoyed knitting it but I was disappointed that the yarn didn't look nicer after I had finished. For some reason the stitches just end up looking messy. I'm not sure whether it has something to do with the fibre content in this case. It's a wool blend mix I know that much but the original ball band had gone walkies.
I knitted 2 sections for scarf #4 as it had skipped a person en route. I don't have a picture of the finished scarf as I forgot to get the camera out before I posted it back to its owner so the following two photos of my sections are courtesy of them. My thanks go out! (It was bugging me terribly that I had forgotten).
Here is the first section that I knitted:

This is a slanted slip-stitch. Great fun to knit once I had got the hang of dropping a stitch, not panicking and not insisting on putting it on a third needle. I think I'll use this again.
And here is the second:

Just a simple stockinette with some nice purple stripes to balance out the scarf. The rest of it had bits of colour through out and this just seemed to compliment it all. I was especially pleased to find the purple in my stash as this scarfs owner had said that they liked it after I used it for another section on someone else's scarf.
And that's all folks! I think that now makes me all up to date on my traveling scarf adventures. Now to finish them off- just in time for the hot summer weather. D'oh :)

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  1. Very cool. Traveling scarves seem like the perfect opportunity to try out new stitch patterns. I really like that Slanted Slip-stitch.