Friday, 3 October 2008

Brrrr, it's cold

Am freezing today- I am sat in my office wearing two jumpers and my sexy pink Spirogyras (the more I wear them, the more I love them), extra socks and a scarf and I'm STILL cold. I've tried filling up on tea but then I somewhat inevitably end up needing the loo and the ladies room is icy cold- you can practically see the icicles forming around the rim of the loo so I had to give that idea up. I've also been getting up and walking around but I've found that I actually remain warmer when curled up in a ball on my office chair. I can't wait until the turn the heating on in the building. We have been promised that it will be on on Monday which is great but doesn't help much right now. I've started having little daydreams about being at home under my blanket on the sofa with Fenway on my lap and knitting in hand. On an aside to my general moan about about lack of warmth, Fenway is being such a soppy cat at the moment. I got home yesterday and the minute I sat down he jumped up onto my lap, stretched out and fell asleep. He stayed like that until I was forced to move because dinner had arrived and the rumbly-tumbly took over, and even then he attempted to cling on and maintain his snoozing position. He came back and cuddled down after dinner was over but was dumped onto the floor after he started trying to play with my knitting. He should know by now that playing with the wool is not allowed and I think he only did it because I wasn't paying him any attention.
In knitting news I have now started my travelling scarf for the Ravelry group, detached the cat from it and done a bit more. After a lengthy debate the husband and I have settled on stripes and a muted colour palette. I was desperate for him not to just insist on a black scarf. He is very monochromatic as far as colours and clothing go though I have been working hard over the last five years and he now owns things that aren't black, grey or navy blue. In fact he even owns a number of red things as I reasoned with him that on the basis that it is the colour of our baseball team (oh, BTW- Go Sox!) he should wear it in support. That and I hate football strips with a passion and it was the next best thing that I found acceptable.
So anyway, he is getting a colourful scarf. I dug out all the darkish yarns I had in my stash and got him to pick three for starters and was pleasantly surprised by his choices. He picked out a dark purple, a rich plum colour and a muted forest green which look really good together but were not anything I would have thought he'd have gone for. He wants a long scarf so in order to save the rest of my group having to do extra work just for me I am making my start and finish sections longer and just because I can, I'm adding in pockets that you can use to put your hands in when you've forgotten your gloves. I can't wait to see what others will add on and I reckon it will make a lovely scarf when it's done. I can see there being a fight over it when it gets back at this rate!

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  1. Way to go on broadening your hubby's palette! My fiance sounds like the same kind of guy, colorwise! It's been tough getting him to expand beyond navy, black, and other boring solids. He still hates stripes for the most part and polka dots... forget it (even on my clothes!).

    Yay for colder weather (bring out those handknits)... as long as it's not too cold!