Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Photographic nonsense

I have decided that I need better photographs of my knitting. I have been taking loads of pictures recently to go on Flickr and Ravelry but yet again, after having a look at others peoples things (maybe I should just stop looking?!) I have been shamed. And in a way it might actually be a good thing. Some of my photos really don't show off my FOs in the best light and there's things that I have avoided adding to Ravelry for that very reason. That and the fact that I can never remember which pattern I used for things but I think that that is a product of having come to Ravelry after having already made a ton of stuff that I then needed to back date and go over. I'm also missing a lot of things. There is stuff that I made for my mum or presents to people that have since disappeared into the ether never to be seen again including a jumper I made from ribbon yarn which took forever to knit up and whilst I felt that the finished product was pretty horrible it was still a feat of accomplishment. Made all the more special by the fact that I'm never going to do it again I guess.
Anyway, as the title suggests, this is all nonsense really and not terribly interesting for you guys I guess. Well, a bit interesting as there is the possibility of good photos being waved in front of your noses but only a little tiny bit. In other news I have now nearly finished the 'Mystery gift'. I can't say any more than that as I know that the person for whom they are intended will find out about it but I will tease her with fact that I showed the ladies at my knitting group yesterday and got lots of praise for it. It just need a couple of finishing touches and its done. I only mention it to make sure that she gets it. The further along with this project that I have gotten the more enthusiastic I have become and I'm now at the point where one starts thinking about keeping it rather than giving it away it's that nice. But it is publicly promised now so keeping them is no longer an option- you may all hold me to my word on this.
My there's a lot of 'it's in there. I had to go back and edit all that to make sure I wasn't giving anything away!
No further news on my craftyalien kitty though. I need to go into town at some point to buy the last bits and I can't really drag up the impetuous to do it no matter how much I like it as it involves going to the horrible, rubbish, miserable fabric shop in town. Can you believe that we only have one haberdashery in Oxford? Well, I say haberdashery but only because I wouldn't know what else to call it. It truly is crap. But they do sell felt which is what I need and I can't think of anywhere else within walking distance where such a thing may be purchased. I will have to try the art shop first- slim hope but I'd much rather give them my money and it'll make the trip to the pit of doom a bit more bearable if I can go and look at paper products beforehand. Mmmm, paper products. It's almost as much fun as stationary shops...

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  1. Hi, Im a fellow Little Known Skien member and I just checked out your blog. I don't see anything wrong with your photos at all! And you have yummy yarn scattered about! The kittys are cute, but the bugs are kinda BIG ......and yet colorful. I really liked the fingerless gloves, very pretty! Talk with you again sometime! Ta for now.