Monday, 6 October 2008

The start of the travelling scarf

I finished my section of my travelling scarf yesterday. It's only the start- the seed of a scarf if you will. It's off and in the post as I type and I almost can't wait to see what I get back. What's even more exciting is that the next scarf- and the first one that I will have contributed to- is on it's way as well. I have my wool, needles and stitch dictionary on standby awaiting it's arrival and the husband has promised to help me pick out appropriate things seeing as these scarves are mostly going to be for grumpy menfolk who will only want to wear things in black.
Upon request, I took a few happy snaps of my scarf before it left home this morning which I present below. Hopefully when it gets back it will be all grown up...

I was feeling a bit ridiculous when I knitted it up so I added in a pocket which I will line with fleece when it gets back. I will have to put some kind of backing on the scarf as well (so probably fleece) as stripes give a right-side and a wrong-side to a scarf and I hate it when you can see the wrong-side of a piece of work like this.

After the smug satisfaction of getting this done and away I decided that I had best tackle getting my craftyalien kitty finished as well as my mystery present project. This meant a trip to the awful haberdashery which as suspected was indeed truly awful. It was looking particularly shabby and low on stock when I went in today and much to my horror I discovered that it didn't sell pre-cut felt squares. If I had wanted a metres worth of felt then that was fine as they seemed to have lots of rolls of the stuff but craft squares, one of the most basic of all craft store items, was completely missing! I mean WTF? I almost couldn't find the other item that I wanted either at which point I started getting in a strop so thought I'd buy buttons to placate myself. They have an okay selection of buttons thank goodness, as they stock the Vogue range but even then there where big gaps on the stand. After amusing myself for a couple of minutes looking at squiffy penguin buttons I was feeling a little better and that was when it hit me that the art shop might have some felt. I abandoned my button buying plan and exited swiftly from the hellshop. This was a pleasing little brainwave as I had to walk past it on the way back to work and lo! I discovered a lovely rainbow heap of the stuff so in the end I managed to get all the necessary goodies required for finishing two projects which was deeply satisfying and cheered me up no end. Hopefully by tomorrow I will be able to sign both projects off.

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