Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Right, I've thought of a compromise

One of the other projects (besides my travelling scarf) that I have signed myself up for on Ravelry is the Pratghan project run by the Discworld group. We are doing one afghan square a month for the next three years, each square being modelled on a Discworld book. This is the first month and we are starting with The Colour of Magic. Now, I haven't finished working out everything that I want to put on my square just yet but I have made a couple of decisions about things to go around the edges. One idea is to add in some octarine coloured yarn. Octarine is described a being a 'greenish-yellowish-purple' so, and here comes the compromise, I'm going to spin myself some octarine coloured yarn to use in the square using my new spindle. I have a ton of fluff ready for spinning thanks to my mum and it's in all the colours of the rainbow so finding green, yellow and purple is no problem. I'm going to make it my mission for this evening after I've finished grumbling over my choice of stitch for the travelling scarf (I found a lovely stitch but I just can't make my mind up as to whether it needs slightly thicker yarn than the one that I'm using. I need to knit a bit more before deciding I think). This way I get to play with my new toy, have a go at spinning AND fulfill my need for knitting as I only have to make a small amount of yarn that I will be using almost straight away. See, a compromise!

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  1. Sounds like a plan. Can't wait to see the squares and the yarn you are going to spin.