Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Two sticks or one?

I rediscovered my love of sewing lots of tiny stitches last night. I was putting together my black cat toy from the craftyalien pattern, when I started getting a bit carried away. He's supposed to be modelled on Fenway, our resident Lord of Darkness, so I stitched him a little red ribbon collar (Fenway had a red collar for all of three minutes on Sunday before he lost it in a hedge somewhere). Seeing as how I had gotten all my sewing stuff out I then proceeded to make a needle roll for keeping all my chunky wool needles in. This involved lots more tiny stitches and I spent a happy half hour humming to myself whilst wielding a very thin and very sharp sewing needle. I used to do all my sewing by hand even on big projects such as skirts. This came from a combination of not being very good at using sewing machines and/or not having one to hand that I could use. My recent yarn addiction eclipsed all this and I hadn't picked up a needle to do anything more taxing than sew on a button in about two years so I got to experience that little moment of bliss one gets when you (re)discover something that you really enjoy doing. It was deeply satisfying and whilst I was moved to the point where I renounced two sticks for one I will probably be picking up the odd small project here and there that involves some sewing.What I do have to attempt to do is to stay away from quilting. This craft always makes me drool- you get to use the nicest fabrics and have an excuse to have lots of them. Fat quarters are one of the greatest inventions known to mankind! I keep telling myself that I can add that in as a new interest when we get a bigger house and so far I manged to obsess over knitting so much that it's not been a problem. I don't know how much longer its going to stay that way though...

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  1. I understand when you say you
    (re)discover something that you really enjoy doing. I hadn't crocheted for years and resently start again and it's like going home!