Friday, 26 September 2008

I am a cleaning machine

Why is it that it never rains but it pours? I have so much cleaning to do- and I've already done a ton this week.
I got into a bit of a paddy Tuesday as we had a guest staying over Wednesday night. Now I'm one of those people who has to have a clean house ready for a guest- with clean towels and a freshly made bed. I learnt this from my mother who would have just died if she thought anyone didn't think she kept her house immaculate. I try not to be too obsessive about the whole process and have learnt over the years that I can live with the dirt a bit. I still like to keep the house tidy and in a reasonable state though having a husband and two cats tends to undo any of my good deeds before they notice that it had been done in the first place. I don't particularly enjoy cleaning which is the main thing that slows me down but I do enjoy having a good turf out every now and again and getting things arranged and away. I haven't really been able to do this in the house that I am in because we are invariably decorating something or other so stuff gets shifted around, covered in dust and has work tools stacked on it.
Anyway, I was stressed out by a whole bunch of other horrible things earlier in the week (like fillings and that three yearly health thing that girls have to have) and by Tuesday morning I was feeling miserable and crap about EVERYTHING- and my jaw hurt from where the injection had gone in so instead of wallowing in gloom and worrying about things I decided to be pro-active and get things sorted. I took the day off work as holiday, went home and cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. I spent 8 hours in all going through every room in the house doing all those jobs that had somehow been overlooked, forgotten about or just put on hold until we had time to do them. I scrubbed, polished, bleached, dusted and vacuumed from top to bottom until everything was shiny. The house looked wonderful at the end. I sorted my work space, shredded a ton of paper, sorted through all my little keepsakes and knitting bits and purged. It's kinda a nasty word but the process is so cathartic. At the end of the day I was knackered and just curled up on the sofa with Fenway and snoozed my way through Startrek, sure in the knowledge of a job well done.
I think that my recent efforts, or maybe lack of efforts, had been noticed though. After my Hercules impression was concluded the husband decided this weekend would be a good time to have carpets fitted. Which means much of my good work will be undone as we have to shift large quantities of furniture around and fill the house with new carpet fluff. More vacuuming will need to be done both before and after which may well be the death of my Dyson. And to cap all this off I some extra cleaning to do in a flat for one of our visiting researchers. We had to find her a place for a couple of weeks on short notice and whilst the flat isn't tooooooo bad it does need a dust and clean linen. Whilst I'm there I may as well break out the rubber gloves and have a quick wipe round the surfaces so before you know it I'm back up to my ears in cleaning!

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