Thursday, 25 September 2008


I finished my first proper pair of Spirogyras this morning. I had been having trouble with the thumb for some reason and had to unpick and re-knit 3 times which was incredibly frustrating. I am really pleased with the finished result however. The mirror imaged gloves are very pleasing to look at when worn together and I do love the freckling effect that the variegated yarn makes. I picked out a grey/white variegated mercerised cotton yarn to make the gloves from to match the Calorimetry that I have already completed. Mmmm, fluff and grey.
I have now completed one friends worth of presents for this coming Christmas. I just have two things left to do including a rather large pair of socks for my dad.

In other knitting news I purchased some of craftyaliens amigurumi patterns today for making kittens, beavers, squirrels and foxes. The kitten comes with a set of four different patterns in one file- they are all colour variations on the basic which is why. The other three also come as a set in one file. The fox is ever so pretty so I expect to be making this one first even though the whole reason that I was shopping on that site was that I wanted the kitten pattern so I could make one for our now ex next door neighbour. The second lot was a complete accident. I just happened to be browsing by and couldn't resist. They have other sets that are almost as equally cute. I suggest y'all go and have a look ;)

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