Friday, 5 September 2008

Bobble madness

Okay, so this is going to be my third hat update post in a row but then its pretty much all I have been doing with my free time over the last day or so. My hat count is now up to 10 though the bobble count is much lower than this- the husband is supposed to be doing the bobbles for me but he got in a huff after the second one last night so I'm not sure how many more I'll get out of him. Which means that I'll have to make the blasted bobbles which is something I loathe. It will slow me down significantly as well. I can now knit a hat a lot faster than I can make a bobble for it. Maybe I'll just to have to bribe some people with cake or something to make bobbles for me but then the options for people to bribe are pretty low. I think what I'll have to do it make all the little hats that I want to and save all the bobbles until the end. Then I can go on a bobble making mission extraordinaire. It will be painful and it may well break me but it's the only way that I can bring myself to do it. I think strength can be found by rewarding myself with ice-cream when it's all over.
One really fun thing about doing the hats though is getting to use up a bunch of my stashed scrap yarn. When I first started knitting I used to avidly collect all the yarn I could find from charity shops and e-bay. Partly so that I could have a play around with just creating stuff and partly so that I could try out different yarns; colours, weights, textures, that kind of thing so I could get a better idea of what I liked and how it affected things like tension and finished textile. They are also quite useful for toy making I've found as at the very least it means that you have something to stuff the toy with. But I digress. So not only is a good way to get to test run all this stuff it's also great for getting rid of all that yarn that I've decided I hate. I have a number of mini balls of yarn that are things I've decided that I will just never use for one reason or another. In a lot of cases it's just the colour that I object to but there's also some variegated yarn in there that creeps me out and some strange braided stuff that splits as soon as I look at it. It does mean that I find many of my hats really ugly and I'm slightly ashamed to admit that they are mine in public (which is why I'm unlikely to ever get round to posting pictures of them) but I figure that someone might like them. I can't do them all to my taste as these are being bought by members of the general public and there's no knowing what they might go for. I have to remind myself of this when I see other people FO's. Maybe it's not something that I like all that much but they obviously do if they have gone to all the effort of creating it. Besides I'd hate it if everyone liked the same stuff as each other- it would be so completely boring. Okay, maybe there would be less conflict but also less creativity I think and that could never be a good thing. I mean, if people weren't driven to create patterns for knitting skulls then where would we be?

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