Friday, 12 September 2008

The knitting progresses

So many hats.... I seem to have momentarily lost count of the number of bobble hats that I have made. I do know however that about half of the hats that I have made are still lacking bobbles. The significant other has been working hard on his school work all week so has been excused for a bit so I am going to have to try and tackle this problem myself this weekend me thinks. On the plus side my best friend is visiting and can probably be bribed with chocolate to lend a bobble-hand.
The deadline for hat completion has been set by my knitting group. I think the return date according to Innocent Smoothies goes into October but I am sticking to the groups imposed deadline of next Tuesday (the 16th) so that I can include mine in their postage bundle but also so that I can finally get on with doing something else with my time. I have so many projects on needles at the moment it is just not funny- and many of them are things that I've really been enjoying making but just haven't found the time to complete. I have just reached the heel on my cashmere socks which I'm really looking forward to doing and my Olympics jumper could really do with being finished off. I only have the sleeves to go and after tidying my jumpers yesterday I have reaffirmed my belief that I could really do with a new jumper or two for the winter . It has just started getting cold in the mornings now and an extra layer would be very much appreciated. There's also the new issue of Knitty to take into consideration. It only came out yesterday and I have bookmarked about 5 projects onto my Ravelry list already. There are a couple of projects where I think I will be able to sub in some of my really posh yarn from Shilsadair into the pattern which makes me want to sit and go 'squee!'. It's definitely time to get a move on with a few things. I need to get Christmas sorted out, have a good rummage in my stash and tidy things up a bit. There's stuff in there that I should have a go at using and probably some stuff that I have forgotten about by now. My mum bought me a whole load of lovely wool for my birthday, none of which has been ear-marked for projects yet. I can have a ton of fun just working out what I'm going to do with it let alone actually using said yarns. Ooh, am so glad I have a knitting buddy coming to stay for the weekend. It will be double the fun with two of us!! :p

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