Wednesday, 17 September 2008

So I abandoned the hats and ran

It was my final night of bobble hat making last night. I know that the deadline for FOs isn't for another two weeks but I've had enough. I think my final count was something like 42 which sounds impressive until you know about the lady who did over 200 hats. Crazy lady that she is.
The finished hat box did look very impressive last night though :)
I was meant to be staying late to finish off hats and spend time nattering but I got called away by the husband to do some driving. Ordinarily this wouldn't have been enough to pull me away but I ended up sat in a funny place in the room after people rearranged chairs around me as they arrived. The final result was that I had my back to a whole bunch of people including the wonderful guitar players who came along to entertain us. I'd been feeling a bit low as it was as there had been an alarm going off near to our house all night both Sunday and Monday which lead to disturbed sleep so finding myself awkwardly placed and also having had an argument with the husband about whether or not I had agreed to do the driving lead to me just needing to curl up and go hide in a hole. It's terrible really that such things should stress me out so much but I just didn't feel comfortable or relaxed last night. I sat in my chair getting bored to death making bobbles for two hours before finally cracking. On the plus side though I did make my husband happy which is something he has not been for the last week or two- I think he is feeling the pressure at work. I also got the chance to go to bed early and blessedly there was no alarm going off last night.
So Tuesday was a day of positives and negatives. Oh, and to explain the title- I had three bobble-less hats last night that I had to abandon. I did try and ask if anyone would do the bobbles for me but oddly enough they just weren't interested. Strange..., anyway, so I resorted to leaving them on a table and legging it. A bit childish I realise but I just couldn't face taking them home.

One final note: the hat count was standing at about 470 when I left last night. That means we raised over £250!

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