Monday, 29 September 2008

I have blog jealousy

Have just been having a little scoot around on the internet on my lunch break and am now feeling 'yaerm'. I'm coining this phrase to describe how you feel when you find something really cool that makes you go 'yay!' but at the very same time it makes you feel 'erm' because its so much better than you feel you could do/have done. I feel exactly this way when I look at other peoples crafty blogs. There is some really cool stuff being done out there by some exceptionally skilled people that leaves my stuff in the dust and they have cool and interesting blogs to go alongside them. I added another to my list of things to read- I came across a lady who seems to do lots of crafty swaps which is something that appeals to me though the idea of having a deadline is and always will be, the thing that puts me off doing things like that.
Having said this I am part of the travelling scarf group on Ravelry and I'm really looking forward to the start of my first scarf. I think we are supposed to have it in the post in a couple of weeks so its time to give serious thought to what it is I am going to make. There's 12 of us in the group and each person adds a 4" segment in a two week period which means that its going to take about 6 months for it to get back to me. Roughly in time for the hot weather to be kicking in thus making the scarf a bit redundant really. Its meant to be for your SO- I wonder how many people will end up keeping it for themselves? Anyway, I have been feeling more inspired towards my craft recently so I hope to be matching all these people who are doing exciting things. Hopefully this will rub off in my blog as well so keep your fingers crossed for some exciting stuff appearing here soon!

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  1. Welcome to a Lesser Known Skeins. The topic of you rpost is just why I started this group. It is a way to share with each other and support each other. I get so many ideas just by looking at others blogs. I will stop by your blog often amd comment.