Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Hat update

Forgot to take the digital camera with me last night which was a bit silly. What I did remember to make and take with me was a flip chart with numbers so that we could keep a running total of hats as we made them. That at least made me feel a bit clever and it was good to see that we had made over 75 hats by the time I left last night.
The group was super busy last night what with extra people turning up to make bobble hats which was a bit overwhelming but good fun. Lots of nattering and the exciting news that one of our group members is going to cost putting together a trip to the Shetland Isles for us. I think there will be a mini bus of about 12 spaces which is amazing- it's probably the only time I will ever get to go as I'm one of those people that thinks that if I'm going to save for a trip it might as well be something truly exotic. Which is all well and good but I do tend to over look the fun stuff that is closer to home. Our trip to Skye at Easter was great fun and I found those parts of Scotland just as beautiful and enchanting as jungles of South America. It's just a different kind of beauty and a different kind of feeling that you get- but equally as powerful either way.

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