Tuesday, 9 September 2008

No sugar for me

Argh! Went to the dentists yesterday to have my gnashers checked out and it turns out that I need a filling. Am very upset. I had managed to make it all the way to 27 years of age before needing my first filling- that's not bad really I guess but I was hoping to go for a bit longer. No surprises though that it turned up on one of my molars. I have had weird plastic coatings put on those teeth to help prevent this as all my teeth have lots of ridges and cracks running through them- I obviously didn't take in enough calcium when I was little despite drinking gallons of milk. Maybe a fluoride deficiency then. Well, a deficiency somewhere at any rate and it has led to me having teeth that are prone to cavities and decay. Knowing this then maybe I really haven't done too badly. The last time I went to see a dentist was in my first year of university which is about 7 years ago now.
So anyway, a filling I must now have. Well, shouldn't be too bad- it's only a small hole and it won't take too long to fill in. After that I have an appointment (and a posh private one at that) to see the hygienist who will polish and buff my teeth until they are sparkly white and go ting when I smile. At least that had better be what happens otherwise it will not justify the amount of cash that will be sucked out of my bank account to get all this work done. Looks like I will be making more xmas presents this year than I had first anticipated!

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