Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Bobble hat time

It's that time of year again folks- yes, time to knit tiny bobble hats! I'm trying to be enthusiastic about as I hope you can tell. It IS a great return on the effort. For every hat we make 50p gets donated to Help the Aged so it definitely well worth doing.
It's just that it really doesn't feel like a year ago that we sat down to make bobble hats. I got a bit sick of it in the end. By about the 12th one I was ready to throw my needles in the air and run like hell. This time however I have a plan- I'm not going to make bobbles. That bit seems to take as long as knitting the actual hat and I think is the bit that I got sick of. The actual knitting part is fine so therefore it must be the bobbles. Hence bobble-avoidance tactic has come into play.

For all of y'all that don't know what I'm talking about then you really need to visit the Innocent Smoothie website and check out the section on the Big Knit 2008. I have added a hatometer to the side of my blog so that you can all keep up with the progress but more because it amused me than anything else.
It's also worth checking out their flickr page as well which has pictures of all the tiny hats that people are making.

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