Tuesday, 4 December 2007


Have just had a close look at my keyboard for the first time in forever and, frankly, am just disgusted with how grubby it is. If you pick it up and shake all these bits fall out and the keys have little greasy spots on them from my fingers. Yuk yuk yuk. Am going to have to tackle this tomorrow. Do you think it counts as work if I prise all the buttons off my keyboard and clean them with a toothbrush in the sink? I'm hoping it does. There is an inordinate amount of glitter in there though so it's not all bad. Can spot some miscellaneous fluff, some of those little bits of paper you get out of hole punches, what appears to be some grass seed and the inevitable bit of insect. Had better make sure that I don't take all the keys off at once however otherwise I might not get them back in the right order. Hmmm, which gives me a great idea for a April fools day prank though I'm not sure how quickly most people would pick up on it if you swapped the keys around. Most people touch type nowadays don't they? Well, guess there's only way to find out isn't there? ;)

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