Monday, 3 December 2007

My lazy weekend

Ah, hmm, had meant to be a good girl this weekend and get lots of things done on the computer. Of course, I completely failed to do this as the last thing I want to do at the weekend is stare at a computer screen. What I would rather do is knit and stare at a TV screen.
Hmm, strange. Hadn't really thought of it that way. Anyways, I did get 75% of another xmas present finished off and do all my on-line xmas shopping. I also stroked the kittens lots and lots and lots so that their fur is all shiny and sleek. What I didn't do was fill in the important paperwork that I need for work or sort any of our banking stuff out, or even file anything away. I ate bacon sandwiches instead and watched the Tenacious D movie (utterly cool). Sometimes hiding away in the house is just the perfect thing for a weekend.

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