Monday, 3 December 2007

Fenway's not all there- but he's okay

I am pleased to say that the vet gave Fenway the all clear at the weekend. He is now officially a nutless cat. Poor dear. He was getting a bit inappropriately bitey with his sister though and there is only so much incestuous dry humping that can be allowed before drastic measures need to be taken. So we took him to the vets just over a week ago to see whether he was big enough to have the operation (both in general body weight and nut size) and unluckily for him the vet said yes. So we dropped him off two days later and that was the end of Fenways' little furry balls. I've been keeping close eye on him over the last week to make sure that nothing was going green and runny, or that he was having any horrid side effects from the anesthetic but he has been perfectly fine and was back to his usual self within minutes. The biting has thankfully stopped but his appetite has increased. We've been warned to be careful about his diet now as its very easy for neutered cats to start piling on the pounds and as much as I love a fat cat it is cruel to let them turn into furry footballs with stabilisers at each corner. Funny, but cruel.
Hoshi will be making her way to the vets in a couple of months. We've decided to let her get a bit bigger as the surgery for a female cat is a bit more invasive and takes longer. Plus we'd like to time it with a holiday so that one of us can sit with her at home for a day or two to make sure Fenway doesn't jump on her head too much. Hopefully by then they will have grown enough that we'll be able to let them out a bit more, although given their performance this weekend I'm not sure that the husband will ever be letting them out again!
They had wanted to go out and play in the garden all weekend but it was raining most of the time so we kept them in. By sunday afternoon their pitiful mews had broken me however and I let them out. They were soon hunting through the grass and climbing the fence posts. Of course they were a bit soggy when they came in so we shut them in the kitchen to dry off whilst we watched a movie. About half way through we got distracted and the husband headed into the kitchen for some tea. He was not amused. There was a little trail of paw prints across all the surfaces in the kitchen from one end to the other. They'd been back and forth across the table about 20 times and one of them had had a fight with the front of the freezer. The floor does not bear mentioning.

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