Thursday, 13 December 2007

Long distance phone call

Have just heard from my friend in China! She is such a star- it must have been about 1 in the morning when she called which is an amazing amount of effort just so that she can speak to l'il old me. But the best news out of this is that she will be visiting the UK for a few weeks in January so we will be able to catch up properly then and drink loads of tea whilst we do it.
I am always impressed when I hear from people on other continents. I guess its not such a big deal now what with the internet having shrunk the globe for us but even so it still makes my heart flutter that bit more. I mean, the people who are, figuratively speaking, just up the road actually make less effort in some ways, to stay in touch. I think its a complacency thing. Or maybe familiarity? If it's 'easy' to see someone then I guess you just don't think about it as much. You manage to push it from your mind thinking 'I'll do that tomorrow...' but being in a different country highlights the fact that you are apart from people. If you feel a bit more out of place yourself you spend more time thinking about what you had or maybe you just feel times passage that bit more. It is easy to lose yourself in the new things however. I guess it's just a bit different for everyone depending on the sort of personality that you have. Well, being abroad always make me think of friends back home anyway!

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