Friday, 30 November 2007

After a little tidying

I feel much better. Have now updated my blog and whilst I am doomed never to have a slide show on here I have just worked out how to add pictures in to a blog message so I can now pepper the entire site with knitting and kittens. Yay! (Eek, goes the one person who reads this).
I am hoping that this will all spur me on to being a good girl and writing my blog updates much more frequently. I have been a little slack over the last couple of weeks which is a bit silly of me and I intend to atone for this. Unfortunately right now I have a piece of knitting in front of me that I am dying to get on with and have already ignored for half an hour and I'm going to have to cave and get back to it before I run out of time before work to get any knitting done. I find that if I sit and knit for a bit before starting the every day routine at work it helps settle me into my day and I feel as though I have had some time to myself to do something for me. I often knit in the evenings as well but I invariably have at least one kitten and a husband near me. It's not thinking time like I get in the mornings.
Speaking of which I'm going to go! But I shall be good and write more today in penance for my recent slackness.

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