Thursday, 8 November 2007

Cycling incident

Am feeling a trifle shamed today. This would be because I earnt my badge for frightening little old ladies yesterday. I didn't mean to frighten her and I promise that I had the best of intentions but I'm not sure that I thought it out all that well.
What happened was this: I was peddling my way down the road at about 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon when I noticed that as the lady in front of me (who was also riding a bicycle) rode over a cobbled bit of road on the high street, the plastic bag in her back basket slipped open and four plump cherry tomatoes came bouncing out and pinwheeled off across the road and pavement. Firstly this struck me as completely bizarre until the brain had time to process what the bouncing red blobs where and then, I admit, as funny. I also noticed however that there where several more tomatoes looking like they too might make a bid for freedom, along with some grumpy kiwis. So I thought I'd do my good Samaritan bit and tell said lady so that she didn't loose them all.
This proved more difficult than first anticipated as as I sped up behind with a view to pull alongside her she also sped up. I put on a burst of speed, pulled out after checking I wasn't going to get squished and came alongside. She then moved over so I had to shout in her ear which made her jump and she consequently slowed down so that as I was trying to explain the situation I ended up over shooting completely and shouting over my shoulder as I sped off into the distance. I was so embarrassed that I deliberately peddled harder so as to extract myself from the situation. I realised afterwards that all this meant that all I had done was to leave a confused and slightly stunned pensioner by the side of the road behind me.

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