Tuesday, 6 November 2007

IKEA is magic

I hate to say it, but really I have to- I'm an IKEA lover. It's not the actual products that I love (though I have to say, there are some clever ideas packed into the catalogue), but rather the ingenuity that goes into the design. The actual objects may well be hideously ugly once they have been constructed but the construction of said objects is to my mind, very pleasing.
As a new home owner I have found the very existence of IKEA to be a great boon. Doubtless without it we would still be living in a house of cardboard box furniture (though in honesty I'm not sure how far off of that we actually are). As it is we have managed to afford things that we otherwise wouldn't have- such as a king size bed which is frankly just terrific. We've kitted out our lounge and just the other day, bought a massive desk to fit into the back room so we can do work at home. Or cut cloth for dress patterns, which ever you think most important :)
The design of many of the products is just wonderful though. I know most of it is driven by the business. Of course it is the company which benefits most from making stack-able watering cans, not the customer. The profit margin on that product must be huge once you have factored in the reduced costs of transport and storage. Plus they sell so well as everyone looks at them and thinks 'that's clever, and green. I shall buy one to show that I am a considerate person who thinks of these things'. EVEN IF THEY DIDN'T REALLY WANT ONE TO BEGIN WITH.
And that's the magic of IKEA right there folks. They could sell ballet shoes to a pig if they wanted.

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