Monday, 19 November 2007

So slow....

I realise that I have been a bad girl and not added a post for ages. This is due to two things.
The first is that I have been working hard on my Wollaston project and have been having much fun trawling through archives for birth records etc. Whilst this is not strictly necessary for work it will all ultimately end up in a paper and/or on-line once we have hosted the database on the university website. So it is therefore both useful and interesting and I can justify the time spent.
The second thing is that I have been trying to upload some more photos onto my blog account. I realised about half way through last week that I hadn't posted in a while so I thought I'd do something spectacular in the way of new photos of my knitting over the past month or so as I have finally finished a bunch of projects and want to show off. Unfortunately this proved to be much more difficult than I had first anticipated and I have had to spend a couple of evenings and a lunchtime swearing at my computer, creating various e-mail accounts which I will now undoubtedly forget the passwords to and all other manner of annoying things.
However, I think that I have finally managed to get it to work so expect service to return as normal!

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