Friday, 23 January 2009

The Knitting Project Store

The store currently stocks:

Long-term projects:
* Pratghan- 1 square a month, every month for 36 months. I have done 3/36 for this project.
* SO traveling scarf- 1 scarf every 2 weeks for 13 scarves. I am on my 6th scarf for this.
* Red Sox traveling scarf- 1 scarf every 2 weeks for 5 scarves. I have done 2 scarves for this.

Swap gifts:
* Igor swap for the AM Knitter guild- I have plans to make a 'build your own Thcrapth' kit for my buddy. Parcel must arrive by the 14th of Feb.
* Secret present for my swap buddy has now been decided. Yes, I know I added yet another thing to the list!

Secret squirrel project:
* I have done half of this including writing up the pattern. I am now working on other half but it will be very, very slow.

Outstanding Christmas presents:
* 1/2 of a Spirogyra glove- I am making these for my best friend (I've already done the other glove in the pair).
*1 sock for my dad- I have already done the other one.

Current WIPS (other):
*Crocheted wrap- time being the only issue in getting this finished.

WIPS that are snoozing:
* Fugly purple tank top- this just needs seaming
* Fenway's cat bed- I have done half of this and just need to finish off the top
* Olympic jumper- I have done the back, front and half of one sleeve for this but I am no longer sure whether I like it or now.
* Falling in love socks- I have done but the bind off is way too tight and I can't find the end to unpick it. Some major reworking is required.
* Lacy bed socks- I am about half way through the first sock and the pattern is proving to be quite difficult. I just need some quiet time so I can concentrate on them for more than 2 minutes at a go
* Skull illusion scarf- I am about a 1/3 of the way through this and just need to get on and do it. I am immensely frustrated by my lack of progress on this.
* Jumper for the husband- do not ask me about this
* Knitted Winniethe Pooh- ditto above

Planned projects: (at least all of the ones that I can think of immediately)
* Entomological mittens
* Rainbow stripe socks
* Bumblebee socks
* Baby blanket

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  1. This is a great idea! I have so many things in boxes that I've started and don't remember them. This may be a way to finish them.