Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Look what arrived today!

Yay! I swapped!
I put a ball of dark blue Rowan Calmer that I had on Ravelry hoping that someone might swap me for another one but in a funkier colour. I had bought a blue one to make myself another pair of Twinkletoes and had decided to be sensible and use a dark colour so that it would match with whatever clothes I was wearing at the time. But of course after I had bought it I then changed my mind and decided that that was a daft idea and actually I wanted to make bright coloured ones. I had already made myself a pair of green ones which didn't fit me (which made me very sad) but I loved the colour- and then a wonderful Ravelry person turns up and says that not only would they swap me but that the skein they had was in the same colourway as my first pair! Brilliant, just brilliant. I still have some of the first skein left so this way I know I've got a bit of extra yarn to fall back on if needs be when I size the pattern up.
Plus, and this only gets better, they also put a Ravelry badge (that's button to any Americans out there) in the parcel AND the note is written on real funky paper that has flower seeds embedded in it that I can plant in garden when the weather warms up. How utterly cool is that?
I love this person and I love Ravelry- where would I be without it? ~grin~

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