Wednesday, 3 October 2007

I think I'm dying....

Urgh. I have a horrible, horrible cold. I think that I caught it from my boss who is officially an evil man for being so free with his germs. It has kept me away from work, away from my blog and worst of all, away from my knitting! You would have thought that I'd have relished being at home for a couple of days but as it is I was so ill I could hardly do anything expect groan, huff and whinge at the kittens. Whenever I did try and knit my wool got pounced on by some over excited furballs who were enjoying having me around. Or rather, they were enjoying having someone around as it meant that they could run from kitchen to lounge, lounge to kitchen, kitchen to lounge.... up and over, through and round. It also involved destruction of the shredding and spiking variety. I am covered in scratches from were they fought over me, on me, around me or, on at least three occasions, just fought me. I think I have suspicious looking toes.

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