Monday, 29 October 2007

Long time no hear from me

Have been hiding out in the wilds of Devon for the last week- hope that y'all missed me ;)
It was meant as a bit of a respite cure so that I could have a proper break from work and all that is making my head spin. It has worked to certain degree you will all be pleased to hear but I have to say, it was the most exhausting break I have ever had. Up early every morning, out walking the dogs for miles in drizzle and howling winds. Out in the car every afternoon rushing around trying to get things done. Because of course, you can't go anywhere without getting into a car and driving miles, public transport in practically non-existent and wherever you do go anywhere, you have to take a dog with you. If you are wearing wellies and have your trousers held up by bailing twine then all the better. Dartmoor proved itself to be one of the wettest, coldest and windiest places I know once again. If you've been away for a while you tend to forget that it blows a whoolie every time you walk around on it and remember only the glorious sunshine and picturesque views. That you only experience this in the lee of a large chunk of granite is completely wiped from the memory. My beloved seaside beaches where all that I remembered them to be however and I bemoaned my lack of bucket and spade at every occasion. I was very restrained on this trip however, and only came away with a modest collection of pebbles and shells with which to fill my already overflowing plant pots.
I did have time to do a small amount of thinking however and one of the things that I have decided upon is that I m not ready to move down to the southwest yet. The hubby and I have been discussing the future over the last few weeks, trying to plot our escape as some may say, but really just trying to work out what the next step is in the great game of life. I think that we are city bound for some time yet but I also think that this is a good thing. Life just seems so much easier when all the stuff you need is only ten minutes away! Nothing beats modern convenience let me tell you. I figure that if I feel the need to wear my wellies then I can just hop in the car and head for the nearest muddy puddle.

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