Friday, 12 October 2007

Ooooooh dear...

How is it that I manage to be the unluckiest person in the world? Am on my own at work today and considering all the implications that that entails, I have to say that I have been working damn hard with minimal internet surfing or distractions of any other kind. In fact I have been trogging quite happily through the transfer of an insect collection and have really failed to be distracted by anything.
So why is it that on the rare occasion I think to take a break and say, get a cup of tea, check my e-mails or have a quick stretch, why is it, that it is on these occasions that someone comes into the department. I have had loads of visitors today coming through the department including the director, the administrator and our curator. These are people that I might see once a month normally. On top of this there have been at least four other people, all timing their visits so that it looks as though I'm not doing anything with my time. Argh. Awful lot that they are.

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