Tuesday, 16 October 2007

That's it! I'm outta here

Have spent today struggling with the painful fact that I am really really going to have to give up entomology. There's always going to be a small part of me that is going to hold out and just hope that something comes through. That maybe someone will suddenly wake up to the fact that I am fucking brilliant at my job and that I deserve to be able to pursue it as a proper career.
As this isn't going to happen I am going to have to think of something else. Scrub 'entomologist' from occupation box and fill it in with my newly designated character of life. Time for a little reinvention...
Not much else has been happening so I have been unable to divert myself or think of anything more entertaining to write about. Other than the fact that I have been out for a cream tea at the Old Parsonage today and it was good. Really good. And this is coming from someone who considers themselves as a bit of a cream tea expert. Mmmmm, clotted cream.

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