Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Long departed

Am finally feeling a bit better! Yay! Still have a bit of a cough when I do anything to shake the gunge around in my lungs but other than that I am feeling pretty perky. Well at least as perky as one can be when you get up at half six in the morning. I think this is because knitting group was great last night. We have a new person who I have started to teach to knit. This has inevitably led me to believe that I am a rubbish teacher but its really nice having a chance to sit down and go through the basics with someone- and to see how much I've advanced in my own knitting. I would never have believed it but just in a few months I've gone from fighting the wool with the needles to smooth automatic knitting that is frankly just a pleasure in every way possible. I've even learnt to feed with my right hand so I've sped up a bit.
And someone even asked my opinion on sock knitting. Me- have an opinion? I've always thought that I was at the bottom of the heap as far as skills and experience go but it turns out that I'm a bit further up than I thought. At least in some respects. I think that there are a lot of the ladies there who are much better at the basics than I am as they have taken the time to make sure that they have a solid foundation in it all but they are now scared to take the next step into the more difficult stuff. Whereas I have just ploughed on with reckless abandonment, hopping from one project to the next as I get bored with something and need to move on. I think that this is turning me into the bit of a jack-of-all-trades which I shall have to be careful about as I don't think I'm really learning anything along the way.
Ah well, whatever keeps me interested I suppose. Talking of knitting I'm going to get back to my socks. Am onto number two now. The last one came out very nicely indeed which has prevented me from getting 'second sock lethargy'. So- on with it!

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