Friday, 13 February 2009

AMKG Igor Thpare partth thwap

My parcel for the Ravelry group 'Ankh-Morpork Knitter Guild' (we're talking Terry Pratchetts discworld series in case you are wondering) Igor Spare Parts swap arrived this week. Though really that should be 'thpare partth' as Igor talks with a lisp and one of the conditions of the swap was that we use Igor-speak in all our swap related communications.
For the swap we were partnered up with a buddy to whom we would send a parcel and receive one back in return. The premise was that we would send 'spare parts' so it was a stash swapping exercise though you could trade or add in other things if wanted. It was left to the pairs to communicate between each other as to what would be good things to send. My buddy and I have both been fairly relaxed about what we got. I think that we have both been having too much fun exploring the character of Igor and giggling over all the devious little gifts that we have been dreaming up to worry to much about what was going to be incoming. At least that's how I felt about it. I had just as much fun putting the parcel that I sent together as I did receiving one from my buddy.
So this is what I got through the post the other day, what with my buddy being just a bit more organised than I am.

The photo on the left is a picture of the parcel as it looked upon arrival and the one on the right is it after it has been stripped of its brown paper. Both the brown paper and box had stamps, stickers and Igor related messages all over them. The post-person must have thought it hilarious. The stamps are especially nice though as they are reproductions of Prachett stamps. Not only are they beautifully done but they are so geeky that it made my little heart sing.

Once I'd lifted the lid off of the groaning box (it was stuffed so full the lid had to be held on with rubber bands!) the top layer of goodies was exposed. First thing out the box was the squooshy rat with the wonderful little tag attached that says:
'Thorry about the thtowaway, he wanted to thee the big thity. Hith name ith Tharthons Malt'.

So this is what was in the first layer of the box- Tharthonth Malt (the rat), two skeins of Sirdar Illusion, some glow in the dark yarn (!), some little balls of odd colours for toy making (and Pratghan!), some instructions on how to crochet left handed (so thoughtful), a storage box full of even more treats (see next photo) and The Cunning Artificers Discworld Stamp Catalogue (guess where I'm headed next...).
Inside the storage box are 8 further smaller boxes. Starting top left to bottom left they contain: 'Bobth'- eyeball dpn protector in blue, 'Knitting Keeperth'- eyeball dpn protector in green, 'Needle holderth'- in a variety of sizes, 'Thitch markerth'.
From top right to bottom right: 'Bitth'- spare green eyes, 'Bobth'- small skeins of yarn for more toy making, 'Oddth'- chocolate eyeball, Black Bat plant seeds and tooth charm, and in the final box, my very owner click counter for counting up lightening strikes!

In the bottom layer was a plain canvas cloth bag (that I intend to personalise Ankh-Morpork style at some point), a lovely red striped wrap, a bag of wine gum type sweets labelled 'Thpare nutth and boltth', edible paper labelled 'Prethcription pad', strawberry laces labeled 'Thutcherth' and two syringe pens!
Oh my gosh, I nearly had palpitations after unpacking all of this I was so excited. It got even more exciting after I got a message from my buddy to say that the tooth had come from the pile used in the recent Sky1 adaptation of the Hogfather that came out in 2006. Squeeee!
What a great swap. I had so much fun. My parcel went to my buddy yesterday so I am now standing by nervously to see whether they like it as much as I liked mine.

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  1. Oh my God, that is awesome!!! Ooooh, boxed happiness and joy. Will you pass on my excited squeals to your swap buddy?