Monday, 9 February 2009

A most productive weekend

I managed to get a whole pile of things done this weekend including 2 of my 4 traveling scarves which made me very happy. These have now gone off in the post- so that's about half the weight that is on my mind gone. I also completed one swap gift so that leaves me with 2 traveling scarves and one and a bit swap gifts left to do. Except I need to get them done by the end of the week. And I have someone coming to stay for a couple of nights this week.
But, lets not think of things like that. Let us instead concentrate on all the things I did get done. First things first, I got my next Traveling scarf done-

My section is the one on the top left. I just did another easy stitch pattern for this section- it's called 'little scales' or some such. It basically involves a bar pick up that you then pass over the next two stitches after you have knitted them. The finished pattern is very subtle and I think fits in quite well with what has gone before.
The next thing that I got completed was another traveling scarf but this time for my Red Sox group.
My section again on the top left. Apologies for the terrible lighting in these pictures by the way. I was trying to be a bit more exciting with my photography and I think I have failed terribly. Anyway, I love the stitch that I used for this scarf. It has some of those right twist stitches that I love doing so much where you knit into the second stitch from the end, then the first and then drop both off together. They give a lovely smooth twist effect in a mock cable style.
I also made stitch markers:
These are for some of my TSG ladies to go on their scarves. I sent off the purple ones today and the pink ones go with the next scarf.
My swap gift that I finished off I can't show you as it's a secret one which is a shame as I am particularly pleased with it and the way I finished it off. I did manage to get a large chunk of another swap gift finished off. I really want to gloat about that too but there are still plenty of bits for it to be done and I want to give it before posting any pictures.

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  1. I tried to comment on your Feb. 10 post but to comment box doesn't seem to be popping up. I love the colours you used to die the yarn!