Monday, 23 February 2009

In other news

I had to work this weekend so I haven't been terribly productive craft wise but there are a few things that are now progressing along nicely that I thought I'd just mention here so as to tantalise those that are in the know.
Firstly I got my first batch of crocheted afghan squares off into the post. These are going to one of my TSG buddies as a big 'Well done' for working out and getting fit. In fact she gets one each time she checks in to say she's been pumping iron or doing star jumps. Each square is only 2.25 x 2.25" across but they are really sweet once they've been blocked. I'm making them out of some squooshy purple alpaca that I had in my stash which is lovely to work with so I'm getting a lot of enjoyment out of making them. I'm making them in batches of 15 which makes a piece of blanket that is approximately 1' by 6" (okay so its 11.25 x 6.75" for all you that want precision on this). According to Wikianswers a double or full sized bed in the states is 54 x 75" so that makes...24 by 33 squares which gives a total of 792 squares.
Hmmm, not sure I'll be making quite that many but I think a half size spread to go across the bottom of the bed or around someones shoulders would be achievable. That' s only about 396, so say a round 400 to make and 15 squares took me no time at all really. Will have to keep a count somewhere on my blog maybe just to encourage me along though...just in case.
I have also finished off another small gift for my TSG swap buddy. The final parcel is starting to shape up nicely now. I am just waiting for some stuff to arrive in the post and I have something else that I want to knit but other than that I think that I have everything covered. I'm no sure how I will do the big reveal though- do I just put in a card? Or a picture maybe? Or how about a riddle? I guess that would depend on whether my buddy is into riddles or whether they'd prefer an easy answer. Extra stalking to be done there me thinks.
I'll miss the swap once it's all over but I have to say there is one thing that I am looking forward to and that is being able to put up pictures off all the projects that I have been working on. I use my blog and Ravelry as on-line diaries or journals so I have a record of all the things I've made. Not being able to put things up kinda makes my OCD itch a bit but I also forget every now and again that I have worked on things so when I go back and look at my projects I end up thinking that I haven't been making very much whereas I've actually been crafting pretty much constantly for the last three months or more.
The other thing that I have been racing along with is my Pratghan squares. I finally cast on for my Mort square and am oh so near to completion with that one. I had to knit some bits to be stitched on and am currently waiting for them to dry as they had to be blocked to stop the edges rolling. Once they are dry I just have some hand stitching to finish it all off- all the actual knitting is now done. I have also worked out what I am going to do for the Sorcery square but I have been prevented from casting on for that as I have no orange yarn in my stash. No idea why this should be the case- I have little bits of all the other colours I could possibly need but no orange. I had a major stash rummage and there's not a strand to be had in the house. I figured though that there was no point in buying a whole skein of something so I'm going to go through my knitting groups box to see what we have there. Hopefully there will be a little ball of something usable tucked away in a corner. With luck I might even be able to get this square finished off this month as well which would bring me neatly back onto track with my Pratghan squares project. Now that would be sweet.
I'm also trying to finish off the second half of my secret TSG project that I am working on but given that I have pulled it out 16 times so far and re-started it twice I'm not so sure that I will be getting it done. I have made some progress today though so I'll stick at it for a bit longer before deciding whether or not to give up on it.

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