Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Gosh, it's been like, a week already

I can't think what I have just done with myself for a week- it feels as though all that time has been sucked into one great big black hole. Maybe it's because I have had a lot of work work to do. I was in work all day Saturday and I stayed until about 9pm on Monday. This is on top of being in at 7:30 every morning. Which may also go some way to explaining the slightly fuzzy feeling I have in my head right now (though that could be explained equally as well by the lack of coffee this morning).
So let me think, what else has happened? Hmm, Sunday was a lazy day. I spent most of my time asleep or trying to get some knitting done. Actually that's been a big frustration recently- my knitting. For some reason I'm struggling to get things done. I do have a major stack of back logged knitting (especially traveling scarves which all seem to have turned up at once) to try and get through this week but every time I start something I just end up throwing it down again in disgust. I've been attempting to get this one particular scarf done for about six days now and I must have frogged it back about 18 times. I have managed a couple of positive steps but they have only been tiny ones. I did complete a gift for one of my swap buddies and I made a start on the other one that I wanted to do but that's it. It has mostly been frogging for me.
What else, well, the gardens far to cold to go out in and I can't get to shed anyway because I haven't gotten around to putting in a path yet and if I walk on the grass it will kill it. My orchids are doing just fine thank-you-very-much without any interference from me (I like to think that they are rather snooty plants). It's not yet time to get the seed trays out and I can't plan my vegetable patch until the fence has been fixed. So no green fingered things going on.
What does that leave? Reading and playing computer games. I have done some of that but it's been rereading of Terry Pratchett books for my afghan project and a little bit of Wii-ing.
Seems I did more sleeping and working than I though then!

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