Thursday, 5 February 2009

We finally got some snow too

I love snow. I love playing snow, jumping in snow, throwing snow. I love the squeaky noise it makes as I crush it with the soles of my wellies. I love the way it dampens sound and makes the air feel still. I love the way it sparkles in the sunlight. I love the way it coats everything like icing and most of all, I love the way it drifts down from the sky in great big swirls, like honey running off the end of a spoon.
So you can imagine just how excited I was this morning when the husband peeped out the window and exclaimed 'it's snowed!'. Yay! Happy dance from me. Except it was more like a happy snuggle as I was still under the duvet at that point and enjoying the fact that the husband wasn't as we had spent all night fighting over the blankets. I had lost on nine out of ten occasions so having a whole king sized duvet was just bliss.
Ten minutes later I was just starting to stretch and climb out of my warm little pit. I had plans to build a snow-insect out on the front lawn of work but the husband arrived back in the bedroom with even more good news. Work had called to tell him he didn't have to go in. Even though I still had to go to work (there's no way I'll ever get a snow day unless 8 foot of snow falls all at once) it now meant that we were no longer in a rush to get in. Which meant snowball fights, building of snow ladies and drawing of big happy faces.
The first thing we did though was get the cats fed and let them out into the garden. Hoshi was so funny- we had to stand and watch her for a few minutes. Neither cat had seen proper snow before. The smattering we had the other day just doesn't count. Fenway was deeply suspicious and tried to avoid touching it as much as possible. Hoshi on the other hand pranced round the garden, chased snowflakes, hunted the snow despite the fact it was just lying there all passive and cold and dug holes and tunnels through it. What exactly caught her eye I don't know but it was more fun than watching her chase butterflies (which is a good laugh as well) as the snow stayed put rather than escaping by cunningly flying higher than 4 foot above the ground. Within ten minutes the back garden was covered in little paw prints and looked like an entire family of snow moles had been at work.
After that we made big mugs of steaming hot coffee and kitted ourselves up with hats, gloves, boots and big thick coats. We got out on to the cul-de-sac in front of our house at about 7:15 am. We were the first ones out- only one car had driven through the snow so it was almost perfect. We promptly started a snowball fight between the two of us and ran up and down the road giggling. At least two mums assumed that we were kids out playing and opened their doors to find out which schools had already been shut. Luckily everyone on our road is used to us doing things like this so we got nice smiles and a quiet chuckle or two in response.
I had to leave at eight in order to get to work in time but we managed to clear all the snow off the car for using in snowballs and I made a little lumpy snowman to sit on our bin lid before rushing back indoors to get changed. A brilliant start to the day in my mind and one that I hope to get to repeat tomorrow!

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