Friday, 6 February 2009

Snow daze

More snow today- this was the view from my office window first thing this morning:
First the to the left
And then to the rightIt was snowing heavily at the time the pictures where taken hence they look so grey and miserable instead of twinkly and wondrous like snow normally does. The snow has since settled down into light flurries and the sun has come out but students have decimated the front lawn of the building and much of the snow on the pavements and roads has turned into grey and brown slush.
Just for a moment this morning though I had one of those blissful little seconds when it feels as though the whole world has emptied of people, all the noise and rubbish gets eliminated and you can just be. Be in a little space, a little bubble of time that is just perfect in every way. I stood outside the building and stared up at the snow falling, watching the fat flakes swirl down from the sky and then whip along the edges of the building as the wind caught them up and tumbled them away. It was wonderful. My whole brain just focused on watching the snow; all I could see was snowflakes, all I could hear was my own breathing, all I could taste was the air and all I could smell was the sharp tang of ice. If it wasn't for the fact that all I could feel was cold I'd probably have managed to held onto that feeling for more than a second but snowflakes falling down the back of your neck have a way of dispelling any little magical moments one might be having.

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