Tuesday, 22 January 2008

I feel ow

Blurgh. Have a horrible headache and sore throat (which is a pet hate of mine- nothing is more annoying than a sore throat bar losing a limb) and I just want to go home and curl up in my bed with a hot water bottle. Except that tonight is knitting night so the husband is not expecting to pick me up for another two and a half hours and then from the other side of town. Have tried calling him repeatedly to play the pathetic wife card down the phone with added sound effects etc but he's not answering. Bastard. Just when I needed him to be all sympathetic and caring. Now I'm going to have to resort to 'pulling through' and 'braving it out'. Huh. If he was ill we'd all know about it- in fact I'm sure that it would be deadly serious, on deaths door type stuff. Shall now mope and act like a teenager for no good reason other than I'm feeling a bit off and I want to. Meh. (Rubs throat and whines a bit). To add insult to injury I am also completely knackered as because I am coming down with a cold I was snoring a bit last night which kept the husband awake. Apparently the way to deal with this is to constantly roll your partner around the bed so that they get several hours of highly disturbed sleep. You have to wait about 20 mins so that they are entering the deep sleep part of the cycle and then jolt them nastily to get them to stop snoring. This is the perfect moment to really fuck them up. Of course it never occurred to him that maybe I was snoring for a reason i.e. I'm coming down with a cold and therefore maybe the best thing to do would be say, fetch a warm drink and some decongestant, or, at the very worst, relocate himself to another room rather than taking the snoring as a personal affront and waging a pointless war that ended up with neither of us getting any sleep. Not that I'm huffy about this at all you understand. It's just that I don't feel well.

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