Thursday, 10 January 2008

Japanese magic

I have just found an amazing website full of wonderful Japanese toys and things. I now have 'want and need' list as long as my arm so if anyone feels like getting me any presents then check out this website for ideas. It has a wish list option which I might have to utilise at some point but just for now and for entertainments sake I think you should all check out these items:
Tattoo shirt
Cat bus
Link in his phantom hourglass incarnation
Ninja sword letter opener (classy or what?)
Domo pen drive which I WILL be purchasing at some point
This one I'm including because I really can not believe they make it- or that someone would buy it! but here it is- R2D2 sauce bottle (also available as a pepper mill)
And finally, here's one that I picked out especially for my best friendWelcome one and all to the wondrous place that is Japan!

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